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Brown Hephaestus

Blue Tansy Beauty Balm

Blue Tansy Beauty Balm

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Our # 1 best-seller is about to become your new go-to-face balm!

Multi-tasking and deeply luxurious, the blue tansy beauty balm provides powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The creamy texture instantly melts upon contact with skin and becomes a luxurious oil that envelops your skin.

Infused with a signature blend of enriching botanical butters, oils and extracts help to calm skin inflammation, nourish and balance the skin’s complexion. Wonderfully tranquil, calming and nourishing, our Blue Tansy Balm is an opulent treat for both the skin and the senses.

Compared to traditional moisturizers, the Blue Tansy Beauty balm is very concentrated. A little goes a long way, especially when layered over moist skin or a face mist. This helps to seal in hydration and form a barrier of skin protection.

Skin Types:

All skin types, especially sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin. Perfect to be used as a primary moisturizer or as a special treatment for any skin concerns such as redness, eczema, psoriasis or rashes.  


*Cupuacu Butter, *Shea Butter, *Camellia Seed Oil, *Marula Oil, **Kakadu Plum Extract, **Prickly Pear Oil, **Sunflower Oil, *Blue Tansy Oil, *Lavender Oil, *Frankincense Oil, **Vanilla Extract, *Copaiba Oil, *Geranium Oil, **Vitamin E/Tocopherol.

*Organic ingredient/**Responsibly Wildcrafted

Key Benefits & Skin Concerns: 

  • Hydrates & nourishes dry and dehydrated skin  
  • Seals in moisture & hydration
  • Encourage skin cell elasticity and regeneration
  • Improves acne scars
  • Provides lipid barrier support
  • Calms and soothes redness and inflammation
  • Improves skin tone
  • Ideal for after sun care


2 x DAILY - ☀️ AM and 🌜PM
Melt and massage a pea sized amount of balm into wet skin after cleansing, including the neck and decolletage area. For an overnight treat, double the portion, paying attention to sensitive areas.
Very concentrated, a little goes a long way.


The ingredients in our products are naturally sourced and blended in small quantities which may result in some slight variations in color and aroma from time to time. This is one of mother nature’s subtleties which we wholeheartedly embrace. The blue shade can vary from an aqua green to blue grey or to a truer lake blue. All variations contains the same amazing skin benefits that make this balm such a wonderful and healing skin treat. Enjoy your 100% natural plant-based balm!

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